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On November 11th, I am exactly 13 weeks or 3 months old and my weight is 4971gram

As you can see, we weigh him very carefully!


  Yes, this is mine! Poes, poes, poes, where are you?

(they do sleep together in this now and then!)


Max is in the workshop with us every day, so he's not home alone. By now, he knows he's not supposed to bark all day long, and he sees a lot of people.



Sometimes its noisy, so we tried this:

    (did you call me or not? I can't hear you!!)

On November 18th, I am exactly 14 weeks old and my weight is 5631gram

I've been to the vet again, and had my second shot. On November 19th, I've been in the bath tub for the first time in my life, and enjoyed the warm water a lot!


On November 25th, I am exactly 15 weeks old and my weight is 6042gram

I've we're doing walks of approx 1 hour once a week now, next to the normal 15-30minutes more times a day.

I still forget to be waterresistant now and then, but I did not do a 'big message" in the house anymore since some 2 weeks.



On December 3rd my weight is 6094gram, and my right hand ear started to go upright.

By now it is December 7th, and it is a real corgi upright ear by now!

(see also pics next week!)

I'm getting quite a DOG. starts barking at night when he hears some sudden or strange noise, there is a real difference in barking "just for fun", and for "the JOB".



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